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The Power of Feel Great Events and Secrets Of Success

When you look at success, whether it’s playing the game as a Feel Great Runner or in your everyday personal and professional life, wouldn’t we all agree that an individual with a vast amount of training, knowledge, awareness and skill has a far greater edge in succeeding than someone who doesn’t? 

For example, take any professional athlete. As good as they are, they still train, practice and take guidance from coaches. 


Because they’re looking to better their best! So, if a successful individual believes training has a direct correlation to their performance, wouldn’t it make sense for someone who is just getting started in a new endeavor to also get trained?

The Feel Great Company is always striving for the highest quality in everything we do...world-class products, services, financial rewards, incentives, benefits, fun, relationships and really anything that helps people Feel Great about their lives. 

As a company, we also realize that, in order to achieve all of our lofty goals for success, impact and longevity, we MUST have WORLD-CLASS PEOPLE! 

That is why our company understands the importance of focusing on and implementing the highest quality of training, education and awareness available anywhere today! 

We provide training in a multitude of ways; through Zoom video trainings, webinars, videos and Facebook Lives, as well as numerous live regional and national events. 

All of our training programs and events provide a powerful experience and are extremely valuable. They are proven and well documented by the growth and results of our Runners in addition to the countless testimonials of how these trainings have impacted their ability to run farther and faster in the Marathon Game and, even more importantly, how they’ve impacted every area of their lives!

We pride ourselves on being an extremely unique training platform in that we not only educate and train, but we entertain so that people laugh, interact and have fun while they learn. 

Who wants to go to a boring seminar, training or event? That’s why we do EdgeUtainment! By combining education with entertainment, it enables attendees to have higher retention of the information and allows them to be much more effective in implementation. You’ll have a blast learning…what a concept!

The starting point for our Runners is a Secrets of Success training, which is the backbone of our overall training system and gives you the nuts and bolts of what to do. 

You’ll learn how to:
Build and develop a well-trained team of Runners, 
Effectively sell Feel Great products, 
Present the Feel Great Game, and
Answer any questions and overcome any objections you may get from potential customers and/or Runners

The Secrets of Success training is a key ingredient for success as a new Runner, but is also essential for continued personal growth, awareness and skill development. 

These two-day, intense, action-packed, fun programs were created and are conducted by two of our Founders, Gregg Amerman and Joe Locke, who are experienced Runners themselves. 

Secrets of Success trainings provide all attendees with the mindset, skill set, knowledge, system, action plan, tools, awareness, motivation and confidence to be successful Runners and to live a Feel Great life! 

Our goal is for your team of Runners to rely on the Feel Great system, rather than you, so we can reduce your efforts in the future, while increasing your freedom and income to live life on your terms.

The Secrets of Success trainings will travel around the country and eventually, around the world. We are also able to provide the training in livestreaming format, which allows us to bring the events to everyone, everywhere!    

You may be asking yourself, “Why are these trainings so essential?”. 

It’s always important to determine what it is you are trying to achieve and what level of success you are looking to enjoy as a Runner. 

This will determine the value of the time and commitment you put into running your Feel Great Marathon. 

We would hope you believe that the better result and outcome you desire, the more professional your mindset and skill set would need to be. This is simply the case in any industry, business, career or sport. 

Highly trained individuals, more often than not, are the highest paid and most successful in their endeavors. That is no different as a Runner, which has already been proven. 

The vast majority of our longest Runners and Milestone achievers not only consistently attend the SOS trainings, but they are also Lifetime Pass Holders. 

A Lifetime Pass is for someone who wants to benefit from all of the programs that Feel Great Events provide at deep discounts. The Lifetime Pass also gives you unique opportunities and exclusive access to private events. It’s basically for someone who sees themselves attending more than a couple of trainings and someone who is looking to be a professional Runner and wants to enjoy the highest level of success in every area of their life.

While Secrets of Success and all of the Feel Great Events are products we offer and create potential commission and steps in the Marathon Game, it is not a requirement to be a Runner. 

However, we feel it is an essential prerequisite for anyone looking to achieve personal, financial and business success as a Feel Great Runner. 

We want to help you reach your “finish line” so you can live a Feel Great life! 

We know we can help you if you follow our simple philosophy… attend the trainings and encourage your team of Runners to attend the trainings. 

Your Runners will run harder and farther, which will, in turn, help you run farther and help you cross the finish line faster! 

We look forward to seeing you at a Secrets of Success very soon!


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